An Insight of Singapore’s Food Culture

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Written on: 08 July 2016
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Singapore has witnessed numerous astonishing changes, and the change is so quick that buildings were constructed and renovated even before you could finish your bowl of curry. But even then a little evidence of Singapore’s past can still be experienced if you travel some of its neighboring places.  Through the high rise building, shopping malls and uniform apartments brought a massive alteration to its landscape, there are still something that holds the Singaporean culture even today.

Singapore’s Culture and Tradition:

Through modern improvements of Singapore is present in every block, Singapore’s culture is still as rich as it used to be. Places like Little India, Arab Street, Chinatown holds a contemporary infrastructure that consists of color, smell, and spices. Order a plate of dumplings or noodles from the hawker’s stall of all these places and you will realize that culture is still stronger than the concrete. Culture and food history is still a topic of pride for Singaporeans.

Singapore Food Culture:

Singapore being the busiest port in the world combines flavors of various surrounding countries British, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese and Malaysian. The hawkers stalls of Singapore offers some traditional dishes that are the fusion of various cuisine like hand pulled noodles, dim sum, roti prata, fried head curry, chicken rice and chili crab. For people who doesn’t want to taste this adventure, Strait’s Kitchen Buffer at Hyatt Hotel is their next destination to find authentic Singaporean dishes.

Unlike any other Strait’s Buffet is divided into Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan stations. It’s a one-stop destination where you can enjoy a number of local Singaporean dishes like laksa, Hainanese Chicken, etc. Other than these, you can also try another specialty of Singapore- Xiao Long Bao or Soup dumpling. Each dumpling is packed with hot broth, the dough is so delicate that you can see the filling from outside. Excellent quality Xiao Long Bao is available all over the island, but Din Tai Fung, Paradise Dynasty, and Imperial Treasure Restaurant are a few restaurants where of find the best quality of this dish. You may think that Singaporeans have a deep love for Savory, true. But they also have a weakness towards sweet dishes. Hundreds of teens in Singapore are seen sipping milk tea and taking large bites from the very famous Black Tapioca Pearls. A variation of pearl drinks is available in Singapore’s favorite joint Mr. Beans.

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