Singaporean Food and Culture: A Detailed Overview

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Written on: 01 September 2016
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Singapore- Home to some extraordinary culture, food, and people. This little island city has so much in its store that one can hardly finish exploring it in one go.


Back in Time:

This Modern city was first founded in the year 1965 and was popular as one of the major port cities. Along with large ships, people could also find traders on this land from all around the world. In all these centuries, foreign immigrants from Japan, Europe, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China helped in shaping the population of this island city. With so many diverse cultures, it is needless to say that a “diverse culinary scene” was destined to form.  Just take a look around and you will find roti paratha getting served alongside a mouth-watering seafood.


Singaporean Dishes are like tectonic plates that keep shifting every now and then. Every day, new dishes are discovered and make popular. Some old dishes also lose their followers and slowly get forgotten. However, the best dishes always survive. Some example of such great dishes is Fish Head Curry, Rendang, Popiah, Carrot Cake, Fried Hokkien Mee, Laksa, Chicken Rice, Chilli and Black Pepper Crab, etc.


Present Scenario:

Singaporeans are very proud of their food and cultural heritage. Well, that is quite justified because this island city is also popular as a “shopping and food paradise”. However, the country has lot many things in its store. Most importantly, Singapore unites many races. Take a look around the hawkers center and you can see how packed they are day and night with foreign as well as local customers.

Singaporean dishes are incredibly cheap- Sounds delightful isn’t it? Well, it won’t if you know that the people preparing these dishes spend 14 to 15 hours in the kitchen and still doesn’t earn enough to live a decent life. Its way more heartbreaking when you hear people making noise for a little rise in the price of the dishes.


What To Expect in Future:

Lot many people talk about the death of hawkers and the hawkers stall in Singapore. However, this isn’t the case at all. Hawkers are still alive and more of them are about to open shortly. Prices are increasing lately and will continue increasing with time. Well, this isn’t a bad news at all because we don’t want them to close down.


Singapore already has some excellent chefs in their kitchen and hopefully, there are more to join.  

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